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Application Architecture

From thick client single file executables to a myriad mix of multi-tier applications, the ideal
architecture remains an elusive goal.

From functions to objects, from monolithic apps to multi-tier frameworks, from components
to services; a lot has changed in the structure of applications. We believe that active and
mobile abstractions of the real world executing behind human interaction engines will
eventually deliver what we seek.

We also feel that the Gang of Four patterns will form the foundation for these new
mega-structures that will finally free us from the unbearable cycle of programming
iterations we initiate every time someone wants to try something new.

Agile Methodologies

The ability to go live with a small usable part of an application, drastically increases the
chance of success of a product.

Considered unthinkable in the world of bricks and mortar (or is it?), Agile Methodolgies
provide the ability to use the system as it is being built.

Even greater is the flexibility that this approach affords the user. Imagine releasing Ver 3.0
of a feature even before the whole application is developed. The user is truly in control
and is able to choose how much time and effort goes into developing or enhancing which
part of the application.

We will be spending a lions share of our research spend in these 2 areas.
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