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A Calling...

Probity Soft Pvt. Ltd. is an answer to a calling - To rid the world of the pain of rewriting the same type of code over and over again... On a bright sunny California afternoon an idea struck root in the mind of a developer. He IM'd a few friends and found that they were just as excited about the idea as he was and so after a couple months of repatriation blues, Probity Soft Pvt Ltd. was registered with the Registrar of Companies, Pune, India on the 14th Sept, 2006.

Kumar Majethia

Kumar has over thirteen years of total experience in the industry having helped companies like Reliance Industries Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Genesis Technologie among a few, build state-of-the-art applications. He has been a visiting faculty at SIMSR, Chetna's Institute of Management & Research, Institute of Technology & Management and World Wide Web Institute. He returned to India in August 2006 after a five and a half year stint at E4Site Inc, Long Beach, California.

Jitendra Joshi

Jitendra 'Jit' Joshi a go-getter by nature. He has extensive experience with very large projects and can effortlessly pick a weak spot - whether it is in architecture or strategy. Agile coach, Java solution architect & Program Manager are the 3 manifestations of his core competence. He holds a Masters degree in Computers from University of Poona, believes that commitment and belief in the cause are the two tenets that determine the success of any venture. Before Probity Soft, Jit was working with KPIT Cummins as a senior program manager where he has played an anchor role in obtaining large software development projects offshore. With a total experience of more than 14 years in IT, Jit spent over 4 years in Europe working with Banking and Finance giants in London and Paris where he was instrumental in architecting complex mission critical applications. Jit has presented papers in Agile Conferences and PICT on Development Methodology and Outsourcing techniques. He isone of the founders of the Pune Agile User Group. Besides programming, he is passionate about Tennis and all kinds of sports. He is also a founder of the Pune IT Tennis group. Jit also loves travel and adventure trekking.
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